Why our Constitution needs to change

I had a lot of debates in my mind about what I should rant about first but just a couple moments ago my grandmother made the case to why I should tackle the mention of God or any deity for that matter. I am an atheist but I live by the many rules and one of them is respect others beliefs in chance they respect yours, and the constitution of Puerto Rico (which is the one I want to tackle) is blatantly violating other’s beliefs and nonbelief’s. In the constitution it is stated:

“Nosotros, el pueblo de Puerto Rico, a fin de organizarnos políticamente sobre una base plenamente democrática, promover el bienestar general y asegurar para nosotros y nuestra posteridad el goce cabal de los derechos humanos, puesta nuestra confianza en Dios Todopoderoso, ordenamos y establecemos esta Constitución para el Estado Libre Asociado que en el ejercicio de nuestro derecho natural ahora creamos dentro de nuestra unión con los Estados Unidos de América”

(http://www.lexjuris.com/lexprcont.htm link to the constitution so you may make sure I am telling the truth)

[In English]

We, the people of Puerto Rico, in order to organize ourselves politically on a fully democratic basis, promote the general welfare and ensure the full enjoyment of human rights, put our trust in Almighty God, for ourselves and our posterity do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Commonwealth which in the exercise of our natural right now we create within our union with the United States of America.

(Sorry for any error, I am writing this at a hurry so I used a translator program, no not Google Translate)

It says that we put out trust in the Almighty God, now that wouldn’t be a problem if Puerto Rico were composed of a population that was one hundred percent Christian, but it’s not there are various branches of Christianity, Islam, Satanism, Atheism, Scientology, etc. This creates separation between the people as religious groups in Puerto Rico, specially “Puerto Rico por la Familia” takes pride in finding these kinds of things and use them to their favor when defending their simple mentality that God is all and anything that goes against his will is wrong.


In the picture above, one of the members is saying that people from the LGBTT community have to follow and trust in the God that is mentioned if they want to use the constitution to defend their rights. There can be many other examples but this one is taken right out of the PR for la Familia page.

Look, what I want to get to is that no government, no constitution, no nothing should be influenced in any way by a religion of any kind even if it’s the majoritarian religion, it still makes others lesser because the government has a greater chance to incline to the demands of the “majority”.

This was I giving this a chance, next time I will sit down and give my rant some real thought but I just wanted to get this out of my mind because it was driving me mad.

 Thanks for reading

JL Gonzev.

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