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  2. I hope that when Kevin Steen meets Sami Zayn, he notices that something is very familiar about him… He looks like a generic wrestler but it’s like he is hiding his true self under some sort of hypothetical mask

  3. This is love.

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  4. Life is good.

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  5. Everyone knows El Generico died while taking care of the orphans in Mexico.

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  6. spaceexp:

    'The Pale Blue Dot' - A Moving Short Film

    Tears of joy fill my eyes every time I see this… it makes me wish to be able to travel the cosmos and explore every inch of it.

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    The DCU Lineup.

    This is the first half of a set created by alexmax

    I love the style of all these characters, and how he’s grouped them together.

    These are beautiful.

    I love it…

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  8. I never intended to include Chris Brown’s name in one of my tweets to start some sort of a controversy or to gain publicity or anything like that, and now that he’s throwing accusations my way, like using steroids… I feel the need to reply. So please allow me to retort. I’m a lifelong, proud, drug free, straight edge individual, so Chris and I come from two completely different worlds. I don’t have a manager, I don’t have a bodyguard… I don’t need a bodyguard. I don’t have an assistant, I have no need for a PR to tell me what to tweet, or when to tweet. And I don’t hit women. Period. In my world, women are to be revered and respected. And I firmly believe that in this life, there are consequences and repercussions for people’s actions, and I don’t think Chris has payed for what he’s done. Picking up trash on the side of a highway does not make amends for repeatedly striking a woman in the face and sending her to a hospital. So, Chris wants to throw stones my way now and I say that’s fine, but put some gloves on and get in the ring. And I will choke you out, and I will make you feel as weak and as powerless and scared and alone as any woman who has had the misfortune of knowing a sad, cowardly little boy such as yourself, and all proceeds can go to a woman’s shelter of my choosing. If you want to pick up more trash on the side of the highway to make some amends, you should donate more time… maybe tell kids exactly what you did isn’t right. But I’m also a realist, and I know that none of these things will happen because Chris Brown isn’t a man and that’s fine. I just know that someday, somewhere, somehow, somebody will put Chris Brown exactly where he belongs, and it honestly doesn’t have to be me… I would just really like it to be.

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  9. I love creating new characters, it feels as if I just discovered a new side of myself or of someone I know, but the best feeling is when they feel as I just met someone completely new.

    After a fallout with my last partner, I have decided to embark on a new journey of creation.

    I hope to complete the first script in the next couple of weeks. Really exited for this, hope to present a preview here soon.

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    A little backstory: Kevin Dunn is the Executive Vice President of Television Production and Executive Producer in the WWE. Basically, he’s in charge of sculpting, shaping, and presenting how the WWE’s main shows and events are for the public’s viewing consumption. However, he’s…for a lack of a better term, not that good at his job. If I wanna be a little more accurate, he’s a stooge, lemming, ‘yes’man (not the Daniel Bryan kind) with a God complex.

    So him being in that role means that whatever vision he has for the product is the vision we’re gonna have to deal with. Problem is, he doesn’t like wrestling, and because of this, he doesn’t have the requisite caring of the basics to put on a show that’s good to wrestling. And because of his vision, WWE has to hire writer’s who aren’t “wrestling” men or women - people who understand it. They have to hire men and women from Hollywood - soap operas, movies, what-have-you - who, bless their hearts for trying, don’t get wrestling. But that’s okay, because Kevin Dunn doesn’t care for it, and as long as they can succeed in implementing his vision on paper, then they’re gold.

    My good friend Kendra (kingambrose) posted this lengthy piece from an ex-WWE writer by the name of Alex Greenfield, exposing the horrendous ways of Kevin Dunn, including his rampant sexist and misogynistic views that have been permeating through WWE for the last 16 years, and beyond.

    In the piece, it shares a point that cannot go understated: If Kevin Dunn even remotely thinks of you as a threat, he’ll make it a point to bury you in front of the right people (IE Vince). So if he sees a writer doing their job and actually showing that they understand how to plan out a show, wrestling wise, he’ll look to get them out of the way as quickly as possible. Why? Because he knows they’ll upstage him. Which makes Triple H and Stephanie’s eventual ascent to being bosses in WWE a little tricky for Dunn because, by all accounts, whatever loyalty Vince has with him…they don’t.

    And because of this, if reports are to be believed, Dunn has been trying to bury and undermine Triple H and the NXT guys and girls who make it to the main roster. Because he knows that as long as Vince is around, Triple H can’t bring in his people from NXT, a largely better product under the WWE umbrella than Smackdown and Raw have been in years, to do work.

    So, essentially, he’s the main problem when it comes to the WWE. He, and he alone, stands in front of the changes needed to bring the product into the future - not just creatively but presentation wise also. And once he’s gone, I’m fairly certain that the WWE will be a lot better than it currently is.

    (Also, if you have anything else to add, please feel free to reblog and add your comments)

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